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How to see PDF file in Jio phone ?

In this post I will talk to you

How to read PDF file in jio phone ?

As I posted the Jac 1st topper answer 2015.
That you can download by clicking on download.
But if you have a jio phone than how will you read the pdf in jio phone?

So here I am going to share the idea step by step ...

jio phone

Step 1.
In Jio phone you have to on the mobile data .

Step 2.
In Jio phone you have to go all apps (menu)
And you have to find "Jio store"

Step 3.
You fond the Jio store , Now you have to click on Jio store and enter in Jio store .

Step 4.
Now you will see many apps of Jio phone Jio TV,Facebook , what's app,hotstar etc .

There you will find the app "PDF" reader ... This app you have to download and install.

Installation completed.

Step 5.

Now you have to go on PDF reader app and open it .

After opening you will find options Internal and memory storage.

Now you can go on that storage in which you have downloaded PDF file.
And now you can read the file.

How to see pdf in jio phone

I hope this post is useful for you ....
How many useful this post for Jio phone users ?
Please comment.
Thanks .
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